About Nagasaki Kenban. – 長崎検番
What is Nagasaki Kemban


Nagasaki Kemban


Nagasaki Kemban has its office in Nagasaki Maruyama, which used to be one of three major Geisha Quarters in Japan along with Edo Yoshiwara and Kyo Shimabara. Nagasaki Kemban assists Geikoshi (*2) to rehearse and manages their assignments at restaurants. When you would like Geikoshi to be in your party, please consult restaurants for arrangements.
(*1) Kemban: Geikoshi Management Office
(*2) Geikoshi: a group of Geiko; Geiko is a Geisha lady

Nagasaki Kemban Office

To go to the Nagasaki Kemban Office, please go from Shianbashi to Maruyama and make a left turn at the gate of a restaurant named Kagetsu.
The office is situated in a 100-year-old wooden building and there are red lanterns displaying the names of Geiko hung under the eave.


that can Arrange Geikoshi

  1. Shintomi
    46-1F, Furu machi, Nagasaki 850-0026, Japan
  2. Sakamotoya
    2-13, Kanaya machi, Nagasaki 850-0037, Japan
  3. Ichiriki
    8-20(tera machi St.), Suwa machi, Nagasaki 850-0873, Japan
  4. Kagetsu
    2-1, Maruyama machi, Nagasaki 850-0902, Japan
  5. Hashimoto
    1-4-5, Nakagawa, Nagasaki 850-0013, Japan
  6. Aoyagi
    7-21, Maruyama machi, Nagasaki 850-0902, Japan
  7. Toutoutei
    9-4, Junim machi, Nagasaki 850-0908, Japan
  8. Hifumitei
    3-2, Furukawa machi, Nagasaki 850-0851, Japan