How to arrange Nagasaki Kenban. – 長崎検番
How to make an appointment
with Nagasaki Kemban

How to Schedule/Make Appointments with


You can have the affiliated restaurants make appointments for Geikoshi.
If you request an event with Geikoshi at the time you make a restaurant reservation, the restaurant will contact the Kemban office. In making a restaurant reservation, please be specific about the number of Geikoshi and the time.

How to Enjoy the


When Geikoshi arrive at a party, they traditionally first perform “Ozatsuki”.
Ozatsuki is a kind of greeting - Geikoshi welcome the guest with a song and a dance that represent the area (Nagasaki) and the season.
During the Ozatsuki, the guests are not supposed to drink or talk. Male guests keep their jackets on.


that can Arrange Geikoshi


Basic Knowledge

Hanadai A fee that must be paid to the geisha. It is also called gyokudai or senkodai. In the past, the duration of the service was measured using the time it took a line of incense (senko) to burn, which is where this name comes from.
Ozatsuke The greeting at the beginning of the zashiki. The geisha will perform a song and dance that matches the area or season.
Ito Term for shamisen. Also called sangen.
Tachikata Geisha that perform dances.
Jikata Geisha that perform the singing, shamisen, and other instruments (flutes, drums, etc.).
Ocha wo Hiku (Drawing Tea) When a geisha has not been called by a customer and is free. Originates with how geisha would grind tea with a millstone when not working.
Tsukeppanashi (Left On) Unlimited time with geisha. For wealthier customers.